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in the following IM with a 16yo girl, Xavier reveals his true intentions.

Ellavoir (5:44:29 PM): Hi I want to send you a voice clip (or give me somebody to call) so I can prove I'mr eally sixteen? I emailed you. Please don't block me -- I'd like you to really hear my voice, and if you really want to help minors, don't you want to find out who I am so you can "protect" me?

XavierVE1 (5:45:08 PM): My goal is not to protect minors. It's to go after pedophiles. And believe me, I know the "throw the voice to sound young" trick better than anyone. We've perfected it. Run along now.

Ellavoir (5:46:23 PM): what do you mean? Don't you go after pedophiles specifically to protect kids? otherwise there's no point. also, you're right -- i'm sure sounding young isn't that hard.

xavierve1 signed off at 5:46:23 PM.
XavierVE1 signed on at 5:46:34 PM.

XavierVE1 (5:46:49 PM): No, it's because pedophiles are disgusting people. Like you. That's why we go after them. Protecting kids is just a side benefit.

XavierVE1 (5:46:56 PM): Now begone to blockville with you.

XavierVE1 signed off at 5:47:02 PM.

So Xavier has no intention of using Perverted Justice to help protect minors.

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